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Predictable Revenue Bootcamp Summary

Understand the strategies for consistent revenue generation, successful product launches, and growth systems, equipping small businesses with tools for sustainable success and personal freedom.

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Profitable Business Bootcamp


Your home for the core training with the Now Presenting You team. All of the live replays and homework assignments will be here.

Discover the two secrets that will immediately transform your thinking and approach to achieving your business goals and dreams.

Identify which prospective customers, clients or patients will be clamouring for your products or services.

Create marketing messages and offers that are irresistible to your market.

Determine the best place to market to your prospects and acquire them profitably.

Quickly and inexpensively test your product or service to ensure that it is irresistible to your market.

Implement the simple method for developing systems that allow your business to scale and give you personal freedom.


About Your Instructor

Ian Watts

A millionaire by 26, Ian is an entrepreneur, author and business coach with significant experience in mergers and acquisitions.Ian has helped business owners in almost all 50 states in the US and in many countries around the world, from startups to 10-Figure businesses.He brings years of experience in guiding companies through massive growth strategies, leadership development and exit planning, combining a unique blend of hands-on business growth strategies with expert insider insights.