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360 Coaching

Now Presenting You focuses on a complete, strategic approach to growing your business instead of tactics that may or may not work together.

Choose only your current focus area or get a well-rounded approach to grow to scale much faster.

The choice is yours!

Sales coaching with Ken Course to help you stay organized with your leads, create better systems, and hit your revenue goals.

Marketing coaching with Ken Course gives you the strategic support, funnel design, lead generation, and up-to-date strategies you need to build out your marketing system.

Content Creation Coaching with Sara and Ken to support you with social media, video editing, OBS, technology, and more.

Stay accountable, develop your leadership skills, and take your team to the next level with Leadership and Accountability Coaching.

Free Training and Resources

All of our free webinars, events, and resources are available here. Get more information and add anything to your membership that you don't have already here.

The specifics and secrets to create and grow your community with short-form video on TikTok and beyond.

Understand the basics of TikTok, how to identify and benefit from current TikTok trends, and create video content quickly and easily.

Create explosive growth without sacrificing yourself, your business, or your sanity.

This in-depth training will guide you through the single most important thing you must do every day to create success in your business (and your life), the 3 secrets you need to unlock explosive revenue growth, and the Lean Startup Methodology formula that will help you launch new products or services with ease.

You spent years writing your book which means you have years of content to promote! As more and more marketing platforms are looking for your content, your book should be put front-and-center of all your marketing efforts both before and after your launch.

Training Programs

Need to build your skills or develop your team? Our in-depth training programs give you steps that you can follow to practically and easily start growing your business.

Understand the current social media landscape, develop a successful strategy, and attract your first 1,000 followers with this in-depth training and set of resources.

This no-holds barred live training is going to give you a deep dive into all of our tech, how we use it, why we chose it, and our process for creating everything in our agency (websites, funnels, email series, automation, eCommerce, and more).

OBS is the best free video software in the world and we've used it extensively for many years to produce professional content. This on-demand course pulls back the curtain and helps you get better video in ANY situation whether it's just Zoom meetings or 10 camera automated rock shows!

In this unique and practical 30 day challenge, you'll understand how to start a new practice, develop better habits, and practice gratitude everywhere in your life and business. It's not just journaling, but actually understanding how the energy around you starts with you!

The event replay and VIP Benefits for One True Goal VIP upgrades.