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30 Days of Gratitude Summary

In this unique and practical 30 day challenge, you'll understand how to start a new practice, develop better habits, and practice gratitude everywhere in your life and business. It's not just journaling, but actually understanding how the energy around you starts with you!

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It's the start of your 30 day practice! We cover a few housekeeping items on how the challenge will work before we delve into today's primary topic of Honest Self-Assessment versus Criticism.

Gratitude isn't a "result." It's a state of being, emotion, or sensation that lives inside you. Today, your focus is to define your experience of "gratitude" in the best way possible for you.

Vision is the ability for you to see yourself in a particular space in the future. The ability to imagine "what will you feel like when..." Today's session focuses on how you can create or express a vision related to the gratitude definition or expression you created yesterday. Where do you see yourself once gratitude is a permanent fixture in your life?

While vision and definitions on their own are great, it is through action and relationship that your intentions are reflected back to you. These reflections will help you understand exactly where you are in your practice and how you're showing up in your life.

Random acts of kindness are one of the proven ways that you can practice your gratitude and change your environment and perspective in a positive way. It's your first day today to pay your new practice forward!

You aren't the "sum total of the people you spend the most time with regularly." Your relationships are reflecting your internal reality back at you. What is it showing you today?

Memory is one of the big keys to unlocking a feeling or being able to visualize into the future. Today you'll meditate on a feeling from your past and bring it forward into your present and then the future.

The two driving forces in life come down to "love" and "fear." In your gratitude practice, both of those are actually coming from the same place.

Imagine "Love" and "Fear" as two distinct people sitting down at a table for a conversation. What would they talk about? How are they similar? How are both of these expressing themselves within your current conscious and unconscious thought?

Today you'll explore your "observer" perspective and start to look at your practice from a "third party" view.

It's easier to use your Observer Perspective on past and future events. That's why you're going to spend some time today using the observer on a past challenge and how you've grown since that time.

In our second "Pay it Forward Friday" event, it's time to practice forgiveness and using our gratitude perspective to shift a relationship that may be difficult, frustrating, or abandoned.

In many frustrating situations or misunderstandings, a rift is caused by not being able or willing to see another person's perspective. Today, you'll put yourself in someone else's shoes!

Gratitude for your life and relationship experiences as a whole is a key practice, even if it's challenging to assume while in the moment. Luckily, the more you practice, the easier it'll become!

Often times, our assumptions about reality don't quite accurately reflect what's happening or how we're received in our relationships. It's easy to underestimate or overestimate where you are now which is exactly what you'll put to the test today.

Getting connected and very present to your environment and the world around you will create dramatic shifts in your perspective.

Your body is giving you signals all the time - you just need to be attuned enough to listen to them. You'd be surprised at just how much gratitude for your body and physical being will open up the path to gratitude in everything else.

Shifting your physical location or environment can be a big way to notice shifts in yourself. When you’re feeling reactive, stuck, or triggered – sometimes it’s good to just move somewhere else. Connect to those places often and use them as places to recover and practice gratitude.

Today will be the crossroads of your internal, reflecting practices from this week and practicing your gratitude in your relationships. This is a way to bring your internal experience out into the world!

Visualization is a combination of practices and techniques that we've practiced up to this point. That's why it's shown to be such an effective tool and predictor of your ability to maintain a gratitude practice.

Now that you've been practicing consistently, it's time to take a deeper dive into meditation and self-reflection.

One of the easiest and most well known ways to shift is to have a completely new experience. Visit a new place. Meet new people. Try something different. Break your routine in an unexpected way.

When your brain is on "autopilot," you might be doing things each day that aren't serving you well or supporting your practice. It's time to look at your daily routine and see what may not be serving you in your current state.

When you imagine or experience someone that you truly admire or connect with deeply, it's easy to forget that you embody those qualities yourself. If you can imagine it or feel it, you can be it.

In the "to do" list of life, creativity is often the first thing that gets cut out. The power of creation in your life can deeply connect you or shift you into a completely new state of being, so you'll explore that power today.

It's another "Pay it Forward Friday," you'll express your gratitude or admiration for creation itself.

It's time to practice how you communicate your passions, desires, and practices with others in your life.

It's another opportunity to spend time in thought, reflection, and yourself.

A gratitude practice, or any positive life change, doesn’t happen in a “vacuum.” It affects all areas of your life.

The most important skill to transforming any situation in your life is constructive self-evaluation. That's why it's time to again evaluate where you are today in relationship to your gratitude practice.


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