It's time to create something amazing...

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So...what happens next?

If you didn't read it on the page before, my name is Ken Course. I've been a creator, speaker, and coach for over 15 years.

There's a big issue I've noticed a lot around the industry lately...

Many coaching and support programs are incomplete.

While you might get some great education and training in one particular area of need - you might then find that you're struggling to create the results that you need to be sustainable and successful.

It's because most systems intentionally hide the strategy behind the biggest ticket masterminds or programs ($10,000+).

That's why I'm turning things upside down.

360 Coaching by Now Presenting You gives you the strategies you need to connect the "tactical" dots and start getting results right away rather than spending years or thousands of dollars on tactics that may not work for you.

It's how you put what you create in this Playbook into action.

It's an opportunity for you to work with an experienced expert who has seen almost everything the creator or expert industry has to offer to answer your questions, review your campaigns, and help you find the right path for your unique needs.

As you build a solid foundation, THEN you can add in the fancy tactics, funnels, automation, and everything else to move everything faster.

It's how we present the BEST version of you and create a powerful, generous community that lasts for years to come.

360 Coaching Focuses on Each of These Critical Areas:


What activities must you be focused on each week to generate revenue, build a sales pipeline, and create consistent and sustainable growth?


How are you growing your list, building your community, and generating activity and interest in all of your products, programs, or services?


How are you developing yourself, communicating your vision, and staying consistent on the path to reaching your goals and lifestyle?

Content Creation

Are you sticking to a consistent schedule to create, develop, and promote content for all of your marketing and fulfillment needs?

Tactics don't work without a great strategy.

A great marketing strategy doesn't work without a sales system to back it up...

A funnel is only as good as your ability to create content and generate leads...

The value of your time must consistently increase as your business grows...

Or right now, with AI being the hot topic, AI doesn't do much if you don't have a system where you can plug it in to work effectively...

In over 15 years in the expert and creator industry, our team has experienced all sides of the creator business. Whether you're a true start up that has never sold a thing, or you're an experienced veteran looking to scale into the 7 or 8 figure level...we've been there.

Sounds great, so it must be expensive right?


Since you picked up the Playbook and I know you want to make more sales and grow your business, I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

360 Coaching is already designed to be as affordable as possible, giving you the type of support and coaching that normally costs hundreds or thousands with the other guys and gals.

As a special thank you, I'm giving you a choice of 50% off your first month or 50% off your entire first year of 360 Coaching.

I want to make a difference for you and your business.

Let's make some noise together.