the 3 secrets to rapid business growth

Create explosive growth without sacrificing yourself, your business, or your sanity.

An on-demand training with Ian Watts and Ken Course.

Give yourself the confidence and knowledge to create a rewarding and successful business for years to come.

This is where you start if you're not creating the life or the revenue that you want right now.

Most startups, entrepreneurs, and content businesses start their businesses with a spaghetti or kitchen sink approach...

Throw everything you can against the wall, regardless of whether it serves you or not, with the goal of creating all the leads, relationships, and sales that you can.

Some day, you expect that you'll eventually settle into what you actually dreamed of doing from the beginning - hopefully before you lose your mind in the day-to-day "grind" of what it takes to get off the ground.

Unfortunately, too many owners never get out of this trap.

From the very beginning, it's critical to understand that your business and all of the activities within it should be part of an organized system.

Whether you're just starting out OR you need to reorganize in order to grow your business quickly and confidently, we'll cover the basics of that system and what it takes to create opportunity fast.

Why Should You Do This?

  • You want to create more leads, sales, and relationships in your business and you want to know how to do it quickly.
  • You're ready to understand the system behind successful startups and businesses that allows them to grow faster.
  • You want to mitigate your risk to make sure that you're focused on the lowest risk and highest reward activities.
  • You want to find more resources that can give you the startup resources or capital that you need via Lean Startup Methodology.

What The Training Covers:

The single most important thing you need to do daily

The conversation starts by focusing on you and the activity that will make the biggest difference in your attitude and results from the beginning.

the 3 untold secrets to unlocking explosive lead and revenue growth

Understand the three fundamental areas that will save you time, energy, and frustration that are vital regardless of your product, program, or service.

the formula to launch new products or services easily and successfully

Gain the confidence and knowledge to know when and how to launch your new offers in a way that won't overwhelm or overcomplicate your business.

Your New Friends and Trainers:

Ian Watts

A millionaire by 26, Ian is an entrepreneur, author and business coach with significant experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Ian has helped business owners in almost all 50 states in the US and in many countries around the world, from startups to 10-Figure businesses.

He brings years of experience in guiding companies through massive growth strategies, leadership development and exit planning, combining a unique blend of hands-on business growth strategies with expert insider insights.

Ken Course

Ken Course is a master speaker, marketer, business consultant, bestselling author, and high-performance coach behind thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

With over 15 years of experience working with industry leading experts, he has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at over 150 events worldwide with speaking legends such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Kris Krohn, Kevin Harrington, and many others.

Ken has personally coached over 5,000 small businesses in workshop rooms, mastermind groups, and one-on-one sessions since 2007. His expertise has been key in 5 multi-million dollar program launches as well as 3 New York Times Bestselling Books. Ken is also the songwriter and producer of progressive rock project, The Silence Noise, and has released over 50 songs since 2018.

Ken's unique perspective and expertise will help you turn your unique knowledge, skills, creativity, and experience into a thriving and profitable content business.

Just a Few of Our Featured Clients and Partners:


I know too many entrepreneurs and business owners that are investing their heart and soul into a business that is growing way too slow or not making anything at all.

Yes, you started your business because you're passionate about what you do and who you want to serve...but you need to make a living and build a successful system while you're doing it.

This will work for you whether you're starting from scratch OR you've been at it for years and you're not getting where you want to go.

No matter what your experience or desire - we've got content that will help bring the right things into focus for you.