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Offers That Sell Workshop - VIP Access Summary

An interactive training to help you create, improve, and understand the process to create offers that generate results and sell over and over again.

Offers That Sell Workshop - VIP Access Access

Offers That Sell Workshop


All of the current and future replays for the One True Goal Workshop.

The replay of the Offer Workshop once it's completed.


About Your Instructor

Ken Course

Ken Course is a master speaker, marketer, business consultant, bestselling author, and high-performance coach behind thousands of successful entrepreneurs. With over 15 years of experience working with industry leading experts, he has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at over 150 events worldwide with speaking legends such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Kris Krohn, Kevin Harrington, Forbes Riley and many others. Ken has personally coached over 5,000 small businesses in workshop rooms, mastermind groups, and one-on-one sessions since 2007. His expertise has been key in 5 multi-million dollar program launches as well as 3 New York Times Bestselling Books.  Ken is also the songwriter and producer of progressive rock project, The Silence Noise, and has released over 50 songs since 2018. Ken's unique perspective and expertise will help you turn your unique knowledge, skills, creativity, and experience into a thriving and profitable content business.