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The ridiculous bundle

A MONSTER collection of training, coaching, social media, and technology resources to create big results in your content business for only $95.55.

Available through September.

Everything AND the kitchen sink...

So I had a rough few months.

I developed a kidney infection that forced me to the sideline for nearly the entire month and have been getting caught up and launching all of our programs in the past few weeks.

That's also why I want to give you another opportunity to be part of everything we're doing live right now and beyond. As before, I wanted this to be as valuable and ridiculous as possible.

Let's get crazy!

The team and I have spent months preparing to bring you experiences, training, coaching, and resources that will actually get you results.

Most of what you'll get is what we've been doing for years in our own agency and businesses.

So why not give you a ton of it all at once?


30 Days of gratitude (CURRENTLY LIVE)

In this unique and practical 30 day challenge, you'll understand how to start a new practice, develop better habits, and practice gratitude everywhere in your life and business.  It's not just journaling, but actually understanding how the energy around you starts with you!

drive traffic with tiktok

(available on-demand)

Trying to figure out how to actually make TikTok work for your business? New to this video thing and not sure how it fits your business? TikTok is still the only social network that gives you the opportunity to reach outside of your existing followers and community. Live with Q&A on July 6th at 5 PM Eastern / 2 PM Pacific (and recorded for your convenience).

how we build our funnels


For years, the biggest question we receive is how do you do that? This no-holds barred live training is going to give you a deep dive into all of our tech, how we use it, why we chose it, and our process for creating everything in our agency (websites, funnels, email series, automation, eCommerce, and more). Live with Q&A on July 13th at 5 PM Eastern / 2 PM Pacific (and recorded for your convenience).

create better video with obs

(Available on-demand)

OBS is the best free video software in the world and we've used it extensively for many years to produce professional content. This on-demand course pulls back the curtain and helps you get better video in ANY situation whether it's just Zoom meetings or 10 camera automated rock shows!

30 days of 360 group coaching


You've got problems and we've got solutions. Our coaching is a 360 degree approach that covers sales, marketing, content creation/social media, and leadership skills. This is where the rubber meets the road and you know exactly what you need to do to take your next step, get inspired, and develop your skills.

a free vip ticket to our next workshop

(dates tbd)

The complete event recordings and all the VIP  bonuses for our upcoming How to Create Offers That Sell Themselves Full Day Workshop.

It's About Your Success!

The goal of Now Presenting You is to help build successful leaders, experts, speakers, and content creators.

We're in this for the long haul, meaning we want to get you results so you stick with our team and training for years to come.

It's almost impossible to get access to a team with our level of experience and skill without breaking the bank.

We're fully confident you'll have all you need to start making sales quickly and far more easily than ever before.

Jackie Lapin

Ken Course is a genius. I don’t say this lightly. He is respected throughout the personal growth industry because he is not only brilliantly creative when building your digital footprint, but his depth of knowledge is so deep, his commitment to customer service so high, and his integrity so forthright, that he stands head and shoulders above anyone else in the field. We could not have developed our powerful SpeakerTunity platform without him.

Founder of SpeakerTunity, Conscious Media Relations

your master team


expert to the experts

Ken Course is a master speaker, marketer, business consultant, bestselling author, and high-performance coach behind thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

With over 15 years of experience working with industry leading experts, he has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at over 150 events worldwide with speaking legends such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Kris Krohn, Kevin Harrington, Forbes Riley and many others.

Ken has personally coached over 5,000 small businesses in workshop rooms, mastermind groups, and one-on-one sessions since 2007. His expertise has been key in 5 multi-million dollar program launches as well as 3 New York Times Bestselling Books.  Ken is also the songwriter and producer of progressive rock project, The Silence Noise, and has released over 50 songs since 2018.

Ken's unique perspective and expertise will help you turn your unique knowledge, skills, creativity, and experience into a thriving and profitable content business.



Sara Course is a highly successful content marketer, live streamer, musician and social media strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs take their content strategy to the next level.

After personally building her own unforgettable influencer brand to a reach of over 150,000 people across social media platforms including Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more - she co-founded Now Presenting You with the goal of sharing her unique perspective and understanding of modern content and marketing strategy with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and content creators.

I have never worked with someone who more efficiently does everything he says he is going to do. Additionally, Ken Course is a master marketer who is both technician and practitioner of his knowledge and skill. Ken has built and managed my websites, written copy for my email campaigns, spoken at my events, and consulted with me to help get the greatest bang for my marketing dollars. I highly recommend Ken to anyone or any business looking to implement an effective marketing campaign.

Steve Earl

CEO of Done For You Real Estate USA & Strongbrook

Ken really listened to me and got what I wanted right away. He didn't try to talk me into something he thought would work better, rather he helped me shine a light on what was in my heart to make that work. He went over and above to help me find solutions to my biggest challenges. Working with Ken is the best investment in help I ever made.

Julia Neiman

Discover Your Passion Academy

I’ve been hosting out of this world, life-changing, amazing in-person events for years and in 2020 I started doing them online, for obvious reasons. All my experience and confidence went out the window when I started my online events so I reached out to Anna Andrea for help and support. I had heard really wonderful reviews about her and her work. I wasn’t disappointed with my decisions! She gave me great ideas and suggestions to implement during and after my events. I’m so grateful I got to work with Anna Andrea and that my online events are a huge success!

Lorena Morales

Cash Creation Coaching

frequently asked questions:

Is this is really worth it?

Yes. Absolutely.

Even one of these programs alone would be worth it and we're cramming in more than you'll probably do in a month.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. In fact we're assuming the costs with this discount.

What if I'm scared?  I'm not "techie" at all!

There's a wide variety of training in here.

Even if the "techie" stuff scares you - there's SO MUCH to choose from that you can pick and choose what you need now and come back for the rest later.

Will I really learn something new?

The agency has been around for nearly 20 years. 

I guarantee we'll show you at least one thing you haven't seen before.

Can I trust you?

I don't know how to make this any easier than giving a ridiculous offer like this one.

Our team has worked with hundreds of different small businesses and our reputation is everything to us.  We do everything in our power to make sure you have a great experience and get what you need to be successful.

If we don't deliver - that reputation is at risk.  People talk.  

If you've been in this industry a while, you may know of some speakers, trainers, or experts who have a reputation for bad delivery.  

Reach out to ANY of our clients and see what they share about us.  I truly believe it'd be positive!


You want results.

We got you.


Not only that, you get it all for under $100.


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